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A.O.M. Audio Plug-ins
Version 1.10.0 (2019-07-31)

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Windows 7 and Windows 32bit plugins end-of-life announcement

A.O.M. is planning to terminate development and support of Windows 7 and Windows 32bit plugins on January 14 2020.

After the date,

  • From the first release after the date, Windows 32bit installer is no longer provided. Windows 64bit installer will not run on Windows 7.
  • Support tickets about Windows 7 and Windows 32bit plugins will be closed.
  • Older installer download is still available on previous versions page.

Total bundle
Total Bundle
wildcard license
Cyclic panner
Cyclic Panner
Axis Transformation Panner
Invisible limiter
Invisible Limiter
Mastering Limiter
Invisible limiter g2
Invisible Limiter G2
Mastering Limiter
Sakura dither
Sakura Dither
Ergonomic Bit Reduction
Stereo imager d
Stereo Imager D
True-stereo Image Manipulator
Tranquilizr g2
tranQuilizr G2
Wave shredder
Wave Shredder
Waveform Destruction